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Importing videos into videopad

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When I am Importing videos into videopad, my videos upload as 1.19 seconds. I have tried importing multiple videos with lengths of 45 seconds to a minute. Once they are in videopad, they are only 1 second long. I've used videopad for years and this happened after it updated 3 days ago.

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To what version did you update?  Look at the start screen or at the bottom-left of the Videopad window.

Prior to editing a new project, click OPTIONS | DISK tab and Clear Unused Cache Files.

Install this version.

If the issue persists, come back here after uploading one of the files to a free server, such as Google Drive or MS OneDrive.  Get a shared (public) link, copy it and paste it here.  Someone will take a look.  If using Google it may be necessary to change "restricted" to "anyone with link can view."

There's never a mandate to update, if the version in use is doing the job.  And updating is not automatic.  Newer releases can always be test driven, unlicensed, to check out new features and quirks.  Just retain your installer and registration info.

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