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Audio cuts off 50% into the clip

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I imported a clip into videopad and perhaps before the clip had finished processing the audio I added it to the sequence. There is about 50% of the movie has sound and the other side has nothing. You can actually see the exact moment the audio flatlines. 

Anyway, I have tried to deleted and add again. I have tried to clear the temporary cache files, tried change all the bin directories and reset the computer, etc... 

Videopad had the wrong audio for this somehow stuck in its memory and no matter what I try, it continues to have the audio cut off in this movie. 

Is there a way I can force the software to reprocess the audio for this movie? 

This incorrect information must be stored in the system in a place that I can't reach it no matter what I try. 


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First Save  Project As to ensure you can reload your work to the current point.

Do you still have the problem clip on your PC?

What format is it?

Does it play OK in a separate player like VLC?

If this is the case you have the clip at square 1 :) i.e. usable.

Open VP and use Options/Disk to empty the cache. You could also check the location of the cache folder (you will find it in Options/Disk). Open the folder and delete all  the contents including the sound cache folder.

Now add the clip to VP, either by using Add Files tab or by directly dragging and dropping the clip to the bin area....or even by dragging the clip to the unopened VP shortcut icon.

Once it has been processed play it from the bin in Clip Preview.  Does it correctly play in Preview or is there still a bit missing?

If it does play OK drag/drop or place it on the timeline. Wait for the green bar to fully process the clip and check it now plays in Sequence Preview.

If these steps fail, uninstall VP completely from your PC and reinstall from your vpsetup.exe file and try it again. 


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Update to the latest release.  For licensed users upgrades are free for up to six months from purchase date.  After that, VP will continue to fully function but a fee will be required in order to register the newest.  Retain your old install file and registration info.

Upload the odd file to a free server, such as MS OneDrive or Google Drive, get a shareable (pubic) link, copy the link and paste it here or to me in a Private Message, via the envelope at the top-right of this forum.  We'll take a look.

If using Google, be sure that "restricted" is changed to "anyone with link can view."

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  • borate changed the title to Audio cuts off 50% into the clip


How is it possible that I clear out all the temp files, clear the cache, remove the file. Then add it back in and have the sound cut off in the exact same spot as it did before. 

Its almost like the software may storing the audio for this file in a different place than what is being displayed in the TOOLS>Options>Disk>

Does the software also store to other locations if perhaps it can't reach the directories layout here. They are on external hard drives connected with USB 3.0. 

Perhaps they did not respond fast enough to the software used some kind of alternative directory?

Does not make sense that you can delete the temp directory and add the same file again and have identical problem with the Videopad never reprocessing the audio again.

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Have to see that file.  Please upload it, and someone will check it out.

Files are cached only in the path specified under OPTIONS | DISK tab so, no, it doesn't make sense.

As Nat's queries...

"What format is it?

Does it play OK in a separate player like VLC?"

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