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Gap in recorded video


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After using Debut Video Capture software for many months without problems I now encouter the following problem.

When recording a video from a video VHS recorder, the shown videoimage while recording is a constant stream. However the stored video on the hard disk 
is showing gaps after each few seconds. It looks to me such as a result of a buffering process.
Recording with Debut from a video camera or the webcam shows the same.
Reording from the webcam with another program gives a continious video. So in this no problem.

Laptop Intel(R)Core(TM)i7 - 7700 HQ Windows 10 64 bits
Video chart NVidia Ge Force GTX 1050 Ti
Hard disc used 111 GB, free 819 GB

Please help!

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Sorry for the late response! But I bought another Dazzle and hoped this would bring the solution as this new version comes together with the Windows 10 driver.

But the problem remains.
When recording a tape the preview shows a constant video picture. However when saved on the harddisk there are interruptions in the video.
Looks to me like a buffering problem. After a certain short period of recording a block is saved and so there are spaces between the blocks stored.
When displaying this saved video the interruptions are shown.

Is this a known Dazzle problem?

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