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Reflecting Invoices created by Express Invoice in Express Accounts

Bill Z

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Hi all,
My problem is that when I created an invoice in express invoice, this particular invoice is not automatically updated into express accounts. 
There’s import data funtion from express invoice but this will reset the charts of accounts.
Can you help let me know how can I make an invoice created in express invoice be reflected in express accounts?
There seems to have no option.
 Inventory is clear cut, there is a common code that is shared with express accounts and invoice. But there’s not a code to share between invoice and  accounts.
The program doesn’t reflect any invoice created in Express Invoice to be immediately reflected in Express accounts as account receivables n Express Accounts. And any new customer created in Express Invoice is not automatically reflected in Express Accounts.
Can anyone help how to link Express Invoice with Express Accounts such that whatever new invoices created in the former will be reflected in the latter automatically without dual input.
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Sorry, Express Invoice and Express Accounts do not integrate. Express Accounts basically does everything Express Invoice does and more. So there is really no need for Express Invoice. Still you will need to manually export the customers and invoices from Express invoice as CSV´s and import them into Express Accounts in order to not erase the Express Accounts data you already have created. 

Using the Backup Data and Restore Backup will delete any information previpously created in the program you are restoring the backup to, so this is not the best option unless you have noting in Express Accounts.

You can contact NCH Tech team and confirm with them if you like: https://www.nch.com.au/support/index.html


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