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Just bought the software - And it does not work.

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I bought the software last night, I own a Corsair Void Pro gaming headset and while the software will record my voice it does not apply any of the filters it comes with.
I posted about this issue but got no response from the developer.

And yes, I followed the trouble shooting steps.

I went out today and bought a brand new microphone, and am still having the same issue. Maybe the developer will respond this time.

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This is a user´s forum, developers will not see anything you post here. What trouble shooting steps did you go through? Did you make sure to open Voxal first before opening the program you will be using it with? Have you tried reinstalling the program? Also have you made sure the program has permission to access your Mic?


You might also want to contact NCH technical team just in case: https://www.nch.com.au/support/index.html

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