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Debut audio doesn't record. I've tried everything.

Laurie Saunders

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12 hours ago, TECH Support said:

Have you try to experiment with different output formats? Please try with mp4, avi and wmv. Let us know the outcome. 

I tried everything and did not work, I have a MacBook Pro,with MacOs High Sierra (10.12.6), an Intel Core i5 Cpu (2,4 Ghz), and every time I record a video capture, it records image, but no sound. So it looks that I'm not the only one. That is why I just complained to Paypal already to get my buy, refund. This is a mess, all videos for support were made for Pc, and there are no ones for Mac available!



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The webcam you are using, is it the integrated on the MacBook or are you using a different webcam.  Are you trying to record the audio that plays through your microphone or through the speakers? 

The video that you created 12-11, are you able to play it on another media player, like iTunes or QuickTime?

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