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Video is te traag. Geluid klopt echter wel, Ik kan niets typen in onderstaand tekstblad


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Vijf minuten geleden zei Borate:

Wees specifiek: wat doe je? Welk resultaat is bedoeld?

25 minuten geleden zei Fjasper:
tDe lukt niet om een bericht te typen. Heb dit nu in Word gedaan en hierin geplakt.
Ik heb een diapresentatie gemaakt met videofilmpjes ertussen door. De filmpjes worden echter te traag.
Het geluid van die filmpjes klopt wel. De diapresentatie klopt en niet meer.


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Hello Borate,


Thank you for your answer, but that is not the answer I am looking for.  My question is: I made a slideshow in Photostage with pictures and some videos.

The problem is that the videos are playing to slow. The sound is normal speed. Then you get the situation that the video is still playing, no sound, and it overrules the pictures.

How can I get the video's in the right speed?


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It is not possible for me to type here a normal response. All letters are scrambled.

I have to make a reply in Word and then paste it into the comment bar via copy paste.

Yesterday I explained everything in English. In the reply field, but where it happened I don't eat, because it was really sent! Okay, another try. I made a slideshow in Photostage with some videos in between. Everything is fine! Except playing the videos. They are played in slow motion. My question is, how is this possible. Maybe I am doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance for your response.

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