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Debut stops recording when playing video game


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I bought Debut to record my gaming, but it stops recording every time I start a game. I've tried it with different games, same problem. It acts like I clicked on the stop button when the game starts loading. I've tried starting the game first and start recording with the key commands but it just won't start.

I have Windows 10.

It works fine when there's no game running, but that's exactly what I need it for :(  

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Hey there! I feel your pain, as I recently faced the same issue while trying to record my gaming sessions. It can be really frustrating, especially when you're all set up to play, and then the recording stops abruptly. I've been on the hunt for some new games to play and came across a couple that you might enjoy. Basically, I found one article on joywallet.com about iPhone games that you can play to win real money, such as black out bingo. I hope this helps alleviate some of the frustration you're experiencing with Debut. Keep us posted if you find a solution! And by the way, I'm new on this forum, so it's great to meet you all.

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Hello @Maya89 and @KerryLuis


Could you let me know what version of the program are you using? Can you confirm that you started Debut first before any other program that can use your media like Skype, Discord, etc.? ...try starting Debut first before any other program. 


Once you have selected your recording window and adjusted your video settings, you are ready to start recording streaming video. Simply click on the record button to begin recording and allow your video to start playing. Debut will capture both the audio and the video from your streaming video unless you make an adjustment in your settings to record just one or the other. When you are finished recording, simply click on the stop button and your newly recorded streaming video will be output into the Debut folder located in the Videos file on your computer.

Finally, make sure to use the Fast Capture option when recording. 


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