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Add video title to audio tracks


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  • Open VP. 
  • Click Add Files on the top toolbar and load your Audio Clip. It will appear in the Audio bin (Top LHS)
  • Drag/Drop this to Audio Track 1 (or right click and use Place...)
  • Load any video clips in a similar way and place them as required on Video Track 1
  • Click Add Text on the top toolbar and select Simple Text Overlay
  • Swipe the default text and write your own. Close the editor window
  • Your text will appear in the Image bin and also automatically on Video Track 2  at the cursor position
  • Move text clip to position required.
  • Add further text clips in a similar way and position on Track 2 as required
  • bb.jpg
  • Text is created on a transparent background so clips beneath are visible. Upper tracks are overlay tracks and cover lower tracks unless they are transparent or are smaller.

To group the Text Audio and Video. (As they come from different sources they cannot be linked but note that any video clips with audi remain linked with the audio appearing on Audio Track 2)......

  • Place the cursor on the first text clip and press the left hand mouse button down, The clip will go grey as you have selected it. Keep the mouse button pressed
  • Now press CTRL and A  at the same time. All the clips should now go grey.
  • Keep the keys pressed down and right click
  • From the menu that appears select Group Selected Clips
  • All the clips will now be "stuck" together and can be manipulated as one unit


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