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Paul N.

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In this case you need to burn the project into a DVD, If a sequence is going to be burnt as a video DVD, chapters can be added to the DVD by setting bookmarks. 

  1. First, add bookmarks to your timeline:
    • Control-click the timeline at the position where you would like the chapter separator to be and select Set Bookmark.
    • Change the name and color of the bookmark if you like (this will not affect your DVD chapters), then click OK.
    • Repeat the above steps for every position you want to start a new chapter. Each bookmark will be used as a chapter separator.
  2. Second, choose to export your movie to DVD:
    • Follow the instructions in Saving, Sharing, or Burning a Video to burn a DVD.
    • A dialog will appear, asking if you would like to export your bookmarks as DVD Chapters. Select Use bookmarks as chapters.
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Just now, nickcwpg said:

This is a major need for me while editing a video to be able to refer to the bookmarks.  Can the developers look at a way to save bookmarks in a file (maybe .ini) that could be opened for review and use.  I have no desire to burn to DVD.  I wish to work on the Project


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