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Enlarging a cropped image to full screen


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"......Why does the crop not fill the screen?....."

The best analogy is to think of a photo that fits into a photo frame. Same shape and same size. The frame is the VP screen. Take the photo out of the frame a cut it down, to any rectangular shape (AR) you like  i.e. Crop it. Now put it back into the frame..........It won't fill it any more, and you've lost the bit you cut off which will now be a black border in VP.

If you enlarged it a bit first however e.g. Took it out of the frame and photocopied it to a bigger size (without any cropping), you could put the empty frame over the bigger image and adjust it to show the bit required.  It would now fill the frame as before.  This is equivalent to using a Zoom   

The difference is that VP has some controls like AR that this simple example hasn't got. Using Zoom VP will always try to fill the frame in one direction or another depending on the AR chosen. Using 16:9 which is the basic VP screen AR it will always fill it completely at the zoomed size.


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