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Forced to purchase the new version

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I purchased this app in 2013.  Just recently, I found that when converting audio files to mp3's, there were severe glitches in the audio once converted.  The original wav files are fine.  I updated to the most recent version thinking it would fix any bugs.  Now it's forcing me to buy the app again.  I already paid for it.  Please allow me to have full access to this app.  I should not have to pay for it again.  Should I?

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The problem elk points to is that the user goes to get the latest version of the software, and AFTER it is loaded, is told that you have to pay to upgrade to the new version.  At that point, you are in a box.  There's no reversing the download.  It feels deceptive.  Right now, I am locked into a "trial version" and cannot get out of.  I don't like NCH putting me in a box.

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