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Editing Titles in Receipt and Invoice

Stevie Kiwi

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I need to express Invoices, Receipts and Quotes etc. in another language for one of my companies.

Some of the display labels can be renamed in the Options section for the concerned document. In Receipt, for example, one can rename the label for "Receipt" , "Receipt number" and "Date" . I also note that many of the item related labels change in accordance with what I was able to rename in the Invoice document.

Can I rename the Receipt labels: "Payment Amount", "Payment Method", "Bill to" and "Paid today" for example. 

Cheers ... Steve

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Sadly, those titles cannot be renamed. You may want to know that Express Invoice can be installed (for Windows) in the following languages: German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, and Portuguese. You did not mention the language but perhaps, one of them works for you. Note that you can have only one version of Invoice installed on your computer. 

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