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Adding effects to transparent images causes opaqueness (transparency removed)


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I have a transparent image I want to overlay on the video, but overlaying it causes it to be stretched to fill the screen and positioned in the middle. Trouble is, adding any effect (scale, position, movement, etc) causes the image to become 100% opaque: https://imgur.com/a/NP487P0

At first I thought the trick was to add the "Transparency" effect last in the chain, but that affects the parts that weren't transparent in the original (in this instance the dark lines are opaque to give a clear outline - but this 'fix' causes the lines to be as transparent as the coloured parts).

I can't find any way to avoid this. Is this a bug or is there a better way to do this?

Sorry for spamming the forum so much, I still have so much to learn about editing and how to use VideoPad.

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The image file I linked has transparency. To be exact, the Opacity / Alpha level is 127

The image you attached does not have transparency. You can't see the background through the ghost.

See https://imgur.com/a/mDM6I50 to see the difference, I took your picture and used Paint.net to overlay the picture (where transparency of the file "Red ghost transparent with opaque outline.png" is preserved, unlike in VideoPad when appying an effect).

In essence your example illustrates the problem I'm asking about.

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Your image as downloaded has transparency. Overlaid on a clip without any changes the transparency is retained.


As soon as Scale is added to make it smaller it does indeed lose all transparency even though the timeline shows that this is apparently not the case...bb.jpg

Adding a Position effect  does the same thing so what you describe is correct. Not sure how Borate managed to get his result though. The png as downloaded was already transparent and as used had the 50% VP default value applied.


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Hi All

It would seem that transparency in the image in this case should be ignored.

Although the png already  has transparency as shown by the top image and the desired "ghost" effect is there by simply using it as an overlay.

The problem MummyPazuzu had was adding a Scale effect to make it smaller or any movement effect like Position. The already existing transparency being apparently lost as soon as Scale is selected even before any values are entered or sliders moved.

In fact this doesn't matter..It's just an an unwanted effect  that is a bit misleading (in this case.)

The order of adding the effcts is not important either. A Transparency effect can be added following Scale or Scale  can applied before Transparency

Position may seem to alter the transparency but this can be corrected in the effects window by simply adjusting the Opacity slider and monitoring the effect in the Sequence Preview window.

It's confusing and probably shouldn't happen. Initially I found it puzzling and assumed a bug until I looked at it a bit more closely


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