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Recommendation for Photo Size and Export Dimensions

Paul N.

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I'm creating my first Photo Essay for a competition at my camera club. Unfortunately, they have not provided much detail on the dimensions for submitting the video. 

The clubs standard size for still image competitions submissions is 1920x1080.

My thoughts/questions are:

  • I think I should export my still images, to be loaded into PhotoStage, in 1920x1080. Will this size be respected in PhotoStage or will it be downsized?
  • I am thinking I should export 1920x1080 HD as the judges will be reviewing them on their own computers. Is this a correct assumption?
  • Export as MP4. Is there a better/common type that does not use compression?
  • I have no idea what to choose for frame rate? Default seems to be Variable 14.985 to 29.970. Is this something I need to play with based on aspects like transitions?

Thanks for any pointers. I use LightRoom for my images.

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The right photo size and export dimensions are crucial, especially for photographers trying to deliver quality work. I remember when I first started out in photography, I struggled with this too. I learned the hard way that dimensions and sizes are also essential when it comes to official document photos, like passports. I needed to get a new passport photo and was surprised by how many regulations there were. To simplify the process, I used https://photogov.com/passport-photos/, an AI-powered service that creates passport photos with correct dimensions and requirements for various countries. Made everything so much easier!

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