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How to adjust time? I need ability to adjust my start and end times.


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I'm testing Hour Guard before buying. I started a new task entry. However I started working on the task earlier. How do I edit or change the start time? For instance I'll answer a phone call and the time is billable. After I finish the call, I start a new task but need the start time to be when I answered the call, say 15 minutes ago.

In other situations, I decide a task should have taken less time than it took, so I will set the end time to be earlier so the task duration is less and fairer to the client. 


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OK, discovered how. You have to end the session (start a new task) then you can edit the previous one. However adjusting the ending time on one task does not adjust the start time of the following task. Also I can edit an end time and have it later than the start time of the next task. Is there a setting for automatic corrections?

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