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Does anybody have any preset (*.dfx) files to share?


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I've been using DeskFX Plus for 3 weeks now and am very happy with it.  I have a Windows 10 Surface Pro 4 and I stream to a pair of custom-made Bluetooth speakers.  Out of the 5 built-in presets, I only like the "retail" one.  I use both the  "visual" or "parametric" settings.  I find that when streaming with either Spotify, or YouTube, or Twitch, different songs sound better with the different settings.  Sometimes when I stream videos, I power off because the amplification isn't needed and adds too much intensity to the sound.

Although I like the "retail" setting, I find that it is too treble heavy and light on bass.  I'm far from a sound engineer and know very little about equalizers.  If anybody who knows what they are doing and has any preset (*.dfx) files to share, I'd very much appreciate it.  As I'm composing, I found the preset high-pass "General Audio Cleanup" 200 hertz does a much better job of smoothing out the sound than the default 502 hertz setting, and am using this for now.

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