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Guest Erika

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Help! I received a .dct file from a client who sent me a link to Whale Mail. I have been unable to download the file - I've tried 4 times and each time a little more of the file appears to be downloaded, but I am unable to play any of it. (after 5 download tries, the file expires!) What happens is, I go to the Whale Mail site, click on the download, I save it to disk, when it says done, I click on open in my download manager, it opens Express Scribe, but there is do duration listed, and nothing happens. It appears that I need certain codecs in order to do this?? When reading the info. on the NCH site, it says I need to download certain wav files and open them with Windows Media Player in order to install the codecs on my computer. But I can't figure out where to go to do this.


I am super frustrated as I need to have this job done ASAP.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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