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I produce music videos, and need to align up to 25 videos and soundtracks very precisely. I need to be able to put markers on individual tracks, that stay put. How can I do this? Bookmarks don't work, because as I edit the tracks they move around, and are useless.

Help please!

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If possible, share an example of how you are laying out these tracks.  Is each song on a different track, or are they contiguous?

It's best to minimize the # of tracks, especially if the files are large or 2K/4K, as program memory is limited.

To share the project please follow these four steps carefully, and someone will check it out...

  •     Back up --- With your project on the timeline, click on MENU at the top-left.  Click FILE|BACK UP PROJECT FILES TO FOLDER.  Choose a folder and SELECT FOLDER.
  •     Upload ---  Locate the saved, numbered FOLDER, NOT the VPJ or export file.  Upload it to a free server - Google Drive, MS OneDrive, etc.*
  •     Get link --- Get a public link.  If using Google Drive click GET SHAREABLE LINK. Change "restricted" to "anyone with the link can view"  Click COPY LINK | DONE.
  •     Share ---    Paste that link here, or click the folder at the top-right of this forum to message it privately to me.  It won't be shared.

          *    Before uploading, right-click the folder, click PROPERTIES.  Look at the File Size to confirm that it's not too big for the free space on the server.


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Unlike film where individual frames can be marked VP cannot set a marker on an individual frame on an individual track; something which could be very useful. A suggestion was put in to NCH quite recently that this ought to be implemented.  As you have found Bookmarks are no use in this context and off hand I can't think of a work around that is practicable. I have re-suggested it.

Currently you might possibly have to split each track in question and then group each one and then line up the splits in the different tracks using them as markers. I think you would need to work along these lines. Experiment with a few tracks and see how it might work. I have done a few multi track orchestra projects and usually simply line up the tracks one above the other adjusting the audio for each until they all synch OK  and then mute the tracks not required. The most I have done in this way is three tracks so it's not anywhere near as complex a using 25 tracks.:) which might be a bit of a nightmare. (Done 25 as a multi screen choir project though.)



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Thank you Nat, sorry I've only just seen your reply. It's a shame there isn't a way of marking individual tracks, as it would be very helpful! I end up doing what you do - line them all up individually to get the videos in sync, but then I create a soundtrack mixdown in a DAW program, delete all the individual soundtracks and just use the daw soundtrack. Fiddly but it works!

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