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Snapshot of text does not work

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Should it??

Got some animated text on the timeline, works just as I expect it to.  However at the end of the animation (bottom right to centre) I wanted to introduce a fade, so that final position of the title just fades away to nothing, using a snapshot and fading it.  So I set the timeline cursor to the end of the animation and took a snapshot of the frame.  It was blank, despite the text showing in the sequence preview window.  I had used frame step to ensure I had the last displayed from of the animation sequence.

Any thoughts?


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Yes I can set an effect to the end of the animated scrolling text item, however its taking the snapshot that does not appear to work.

I can scroll smoothly backwards and forwards within the text and all behaves as expected.  However wherever I stop then right-click over the sequence preview window and choose Take snapshot and then choose the resolution, a blank snapshot is produce.  If I edit the text to do "no scroll" the snapshot works ok.  It's just when you are "snapping" an animated sequence that the snapshot turns out blank, wherever you try and take one.

Its not that this is a major issue, but I have used snapshot on many occasions and this use with animated text fails to work as expected.

I wanted the text animation to work in full and then to fade the final frame, this I thought is best achieved by snapping the final frame, setting it at the end of the animated object, and then setting a fade out.  I have done this successfully with video, so I freeze the final frame of a clip and then position the snapshot at the end of the clip, then set it to fade.

I thought a piece of animated text should behave in the same manner and permit its final frame to be frozen using snapshot and then chewed up in whatever way you fancy, but animated text appears special in some unexpected way.  In fact - should it work?  or am I trying something that was never going to work?


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That behavior is likely normal, as this is an animation.  No harm in filing a suggestion...


If you must do it with a 'snap' use a capture utility to grab the preview screen.  Then overlay that grab at the appropriate spot in the animation.  Hardly worth the effort, but it can succeed...


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Ah right, thats ok. 

Works as expected when you choose Mobilize as your animation.  Seems like there are some other instances it does not quite work as expected, but as I said earlier this is not a significant issue mainly a passing point.  Its not going to inconvenience me seriously as I was just playing with some cool credit sequences, but noting serious.

There are more useful issues for the developers to be working on rather than this.

Thanks however  for your usual and prompt assistance, most appreciated.




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It does behave as you describe, ending up with blank image, and I also would have thought that you could snapshot an animated text frame. However if you want just a simple scroll of a line of text you might as well apply a Position effect and using keyframes start and and stop the animation where you want to and then fade out from there or do a full scroll with Position effect;  setting start and end keyframes and then snapshot the required frame at the end..as snapshot works in this scenario. The still frame is then easily faded out. The first option is the simplest.


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