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No video / black screen (VideoPad Editing software not working)

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I'd just bought my VideoPad editing software last Tuesday, November 17, 2020.

I'm so disappointed because first when I try the trial version it works pretty well on my computer however when I bought the license one.

It does not working anymore. When we import videos on the software, the video will not playing and the screen turns to black. I hope you guys will help me this.

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It's just a guess, but maybe it helps to delete the cache. Start videopad, do NOT load anything (or press CTRL + N = New project). Then go to Menu -> Tools ->  Options -> Disk. Click the the button "Clear Unused Cache Files". When videopad has cleared the cache, load your project/videos.

If it doesn't work: Maybe it is just one if the video clips, that leads to the problem. Try to pinpoint it, load one video after another. Maybe one of your clips is broken?

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Look at the start-up screen or the left-bottom of the VP window.  What version does it list?

Try this one.

If problems persist please share a file or two that won't display.  Upload it to a free server, such as Google Drive or MS OneDrive, make it shareable (public), get a link and post that link here or in a Personal Message to me via the envelope at the right-top of this forum.  We'll take a look.

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