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Questions On Inventoria stock manager

Nana Addo

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Hi, I have 2 orders sitting in our Inventoria. 

We want to print a report for Low stock items that include the details of items on order/coming soon.  Is there a way to do this? This'd be really good if we could. 

Also if we can see in the inventory quantity screen somewhere if the item is on order

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Double click on a stock item --> choose [Inventory] at the top --> 

this window now gives information for that particular item of  Location, Quantity, Ideal Qty, Warn Qty and buttons for [View Receive History...] & [View Sales History...] as well as some other information and option to [Add Image...]. This is where it would be great have included if the item is "On Order" ?  As well as on the Low Stock Report - is there any possibility of it in the future?


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