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Scaling a masked overlay not possible


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On the main track I have a Christmas tree with balls.

On an overlay track I have a face, which I want to place in the ball. What I like to do is

  1. Create a mask for the face.
  2. Scale the overlay and position it over the ball.

Doesn't seem to work this way. What I did was I added the overlay track with the face. The face is of course not filmed to be on right spot on the screen, nor to be of right size. So I just add the mask and edit the mask to fit the face. Then I add the transparency effect. I get a nice overlay, where only the face is seen from the overlay track. Now I want to position and scale the face to fit the ball. I add the scale effect. But it doesn't scale everything I have so far on the track. It scales only the mask, but not the video with the face. This is not what I would call a chain. And when only the mask is scaled, even the boundaries of the mask frame get scaled. So if I have a nice oval spot for the face and everything around it is transparent, it is transparent only to the corners of the frame. Scaling down drags the corners inwards, making a non transparent frame, where the overlay video gets visible, because it didn't get scaled.

So what I believe I would have to do is I'd have to first scale the overlay video, then add the mask&transparency. But that is a pain! If I need to adjust the positioning, I have to go to the scale effect, then I have to adjust the mask. Instead of just creating a masked face, then scaling and positioning it. What am I missing here?

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This is awkward  but try it this way..

  • Put clip with head on the timeline and draw a mask around the head.
  • Untick Mask inside
  • Add a transparency effect...Head is now outlined with transparent background. (Note Scale will not work correctly at this point.)
  • aaa.jpg
  • Create a Sequence. Time line will clear.
  • Load balls clip to the timeline Track 1
  • Load the Head Sequence to Track 2.
  • bb.jpg
  • You can now Scale and Position the head to fit on the ball
  • ccc.jpg


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