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Inserting Empty Space in Track

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My apologies if this has been answered elsewhere, but I am trying to find the easiest way to move multiple sequential cuts along a single, and over multiple tracks.

I have a long single video which has been cut up, all on one track. Now I need to insert some new cuts in the middle, and need to push all the cuts to the right.  I expected I would insert some "empty" cut in the middle, and then drop in the new one. I have been holding ctrl and selecting the cuts to move, but when I move them they never drop where I let them go, and sometimes they don't move at all.

I'm using v 8.91.

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Place the scrubber (red-line) where you want the new content dropped in.  To locate the precise split point between clips use the buttons under the preview window or shortcut keys.  image.png  In the bin, right-click the new clip and PLACE ON SEQUENCE AT CURSOR.

Another approach....

Select all clips to the right of where the new one is to be added, then drag them to the right.  Don't press <ctrl>.  If they snap back, hold down <alt> while dragging.  Drop the new clip into the gap that is created.  If there's a gap left over, right-click in it and CLOSE GAP,

To select all those clips, click on the first one, hold down <ctrl> and click on the last.  All clips in that range will be highlighted.

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