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Debut, Screening Option transparent Background and Video Problems

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when i activate the greenscreen function i see 3 options: Picture, Video, Color.

Iam missing to make a transparent background, so hat for example i can see only me in forground and a website for example in background.

Also, when i choose the video option, this will not be played.

Has someone an idea ? thanks

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Let me explain how this works, you need to select a background option like the image or solid color > select a Green Screen color. Your background doesn't necessarily need to be colored green to have this effect working. This button lets you select the color of your background. You may use the button to select the color from the gradient box or the eyedropper button to specifically click on the monitor what pixel color to replace. For example, if you want to record yourself using your webcam and your background is a red wall, you need to select a color that matches that red wall. The threshold slider lets you have the flexibility to extend the range of the color you are replacing.

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