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Applying exposure comp to the whole timeline

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I want to add an -0.25 exposure fx to all the clips in the timeline. But when I select all the clips (crtl-a) and add the -0.25 exposure fx it only applies this the clip that was active. All the other clips get a plus 0.25 exposure compensation effect. This default 0.25 is ridiculous what genius came up with that?? Same goes for the colour temp effect. Why not set is to zero like a normal program?

(I know about saving fx but that's not what I want to use)

Update. When is select an other clip and click the fx button, now I can see the green trick mark to apply the change to all clips. First time it was not there, rather confusing. Must be a bug in v8.91

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This looks like a bug to me.

Having selected a series of clips using Ctr +A , On entering -0.25 and selecting to Append the effect chain to otherselected clips.....


ALL the clips correctly get the -0.25 correction  BUT ALL clips EXCEPT the selected clip retain the default 0.25 correction. .... i.e. They end up with two effects as the original default is not removed....


essentially they don't change.... They get the -0.25 and the original default  0.25 meaning they return to normal.  Only the selected clip from the group gets changed.

I have referred this post to NCH


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  • borate changed the title to Applying exposure comp to the whole timeline

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