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Joining projects

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Project 1 is on the timeline.  It has one sequence.

Click the Menu item (top-left of the window), then FILE, then IMPORT CLIPS FROM ANOTHER PROJECT.

This will add that project as Sequence 2.

If you want to combine them into a single sequence...

Click the Sequence 1 tab above the timeline, and from the bin add Sequence 2 to Sequence 1.

Or click the Sequence 2 tab and from the bin add Sequence 1 to Sequence 2.

Do this by dragging or via a right-click on the bin sequence, which will drop down a menu that offers several timeline placement options.

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Think logically.......

  • Create your first project. It can have any  number of tracks/effects/transitions etc.
  • One you are happy with it, create a Sequence by clicking the + that follows Sequence 1 x at the left end above the timeline. . This creates a single clip of your work and puts it into the Sequence clip bin. It also clears the timeline.
  • Now do Save Project As .  You now have a .vpj file of your work
  • Open VP and  start work on your second project.
  • When ready, click Menu/File/Import Clips from Another Project  as Borate has described
  • Select your vpj file from Project 1
  • As well as loading all the files from the first project, it will also load the Sequence  you saved.
  • Open the Sequence bin and and load your first project (as a single clip) to a suitable point on the current one..like any other clip. Although you won't see an audio track, the sound will be there.


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