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4K rendering problems

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Hi - I have been using VideoPad for a couple of years but this is the first time I've tried rendering in 4K. The result is terrible: stuttering, freezing, all sorts of issues.

I have a decent PC with NVIDIA GTX1060 6GB, and 24Gb of system RAM.

The files are here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/319ur5o6eeb6xkn/AADuC5J_xW4I900-YXGefqo7a?dl=0 

I've incuded the rendered versions too. 4K stutters all over the place. 1080p looks great.

I'm using the latest version of VideoPad. In fact I just upgraded, at cost, to see if the latest version fixed the problem. Needless to say I'm pretty disappointed it hasn't. Any ideas anyone?

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You may coming up to the limitation of what VP can achieve in 32 bit. . A 64 bit version is in the offing though and should certainly improve matters. In the interim if you could try using  proxy files.....These are copies (same name/location) of your 4k clips but in a smaller format  (use NCH Prism)  with which you do the editing. When finished, replace them with the 4K clips (in the same folder and using the same name.) The vpj file will then load the 4k files in their place and you can then export in 4k.


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Nat's analysis is right on.  Proxies might pep up editing but likely not affect export, as the original large files would be in play.

If you must have 4K, try this...

Install version 8.45.  Ignore any virus prompts.

1.  Open a new VP project and add your 'candles' file to the sequence.
2.  Right-click | COPY the clip.
3.  Press <ctrl-v> to repeatedly paste the clip to the sequence nine times.
4.  Export Sequence 2 by clicking the LOSSLESS button on the toolbar.
5.  Close VP.  Launch your original project, lock all but the 'candles' track, replace its content with the lossless clip, trim as necessary and add fades.  Unlock all tracks.

Export as AVI format, using the MPEG4 compressor at 15fps.

Another approach, not tested here, would be to export without overlays.  You might even export this intermediate step at 1080. Then bring the export into a new project as a clip and add the clock, snow and text.  Create the final export at 4K if desired.

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Thanks for the help folks. It looks to me that it's just about possible to render 4K videos with VideoPad, but only with significant work-arounds. I think NCH should be honest and say it doesn't really work, or say it only works for very short videos or something. Falling over with a 4-minute video with fairly minor effects feels like a pretty poor show. 

I think I might try to get my money back for the recent upgrade.

But thanks for the help. Appreciated.


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