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How to clip videos?

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  • borate changed the title to How to clip videos?

There a several ways to trim clips.  One of the easiest is essentially what you describe...

Import clips to the bin (top-left) and select the one you want to trim.

Move the scrubber (slider) that's under the preview window to the start point and SET START.  Move it to the end and SET END.

Click the ADD button and click where it's to be dropped onto the timeline.


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Quick method..

  • Place clip on timeline
  • Move red cursor line to end or start of the unwanted section......doesn't matter which.
  • Grab the cursor line in the track area (you will see a left/right arrow appear)
  • Drag the cursor line right or left according to which bit you want to delete/trim. This highlights the area in blue and brings up a small tab with several items...... (depending on version this might be horizontal or vertical).......
  • aa.jpg
  • Left click the Dustbin icon (to the right of the scissors) (Looks like a little Greek temple 🙂)
  • The selected area will be deleted and the gap automatically closed.....Clip trimmed!



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please see twitch

or https://online-video-cutter.com/

for what does this simple thing well

they need to make this better one day if it's even being updated

list of video editor that can be this simple thing + cant do this simple thing


please add things that does this simple thing well like twitch

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