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Customer Import Fields

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I am importing customers from a CSV file generated from my online cloud based program, and having extreme difficulty with matching the Express software's customer fields with my CSV fields. There are only a select few fields the software offers and they do not match up to normal CSV data fields.

For example,

the software only shows "ADDRESS" but CSV data has "Address line 1, Address Line 2, City, State, Zip Code..."  The software is expecting "address" to include everything, even country? That is not normal formatting for customer data fields. It would take me a week to manually enter all this information for each client. Is there a way to add data fields that actually match CSV fields? 

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In Express Accounts there is only one address field when adding customers data, that is why it only shows one option for address, so you may need to put the full address in one single column in your CSV, there is no workaround. You can go to View > Customers > click the green plus icon to add new customer, so you can have an idea of what fields your CSV can include. NCH Software formally takes suggestions or feedback about products through the form at http://www.nch.com.au/suggestions/

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