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Scale FX gone after upgrade

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So I just upgraded to 8.95 and loaded a finished/old project

After it was finally done regenerating the cache, and there was some sound again, I checked for errors.

I found no major issues, but the scale fx that I applied to some 4:3 inspection microscope footage was gone.

Now is that Chinese Andonstar microscope footage a bit strange.

It displayed as 16:9 using vlc, but the windows explorer thumbnail and videopad make me believe it's 4:3, and that's why it needed the scale effect.

Maybe some exif information that is only applied correctly in vlc. Bit like those annoying auto rotate picture setting that can screw you up :)

Anyway the question I have; is it normal that fx settings are gone after updating the software? Is it something you can expect?

Note: Before I needed to select the scale 4:3 to 16:9 setting. Now I only have to select the scale fx and make no changes whatsoever and I get the required result. Bit strange.


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Experiment with applying the Aspect Ratio Transform Letterbox effect when conforming clip ratios.  image.png

Settings should not change.  But it's conceivable, depending upon which version created the project, that a newer version had some incompatibility.

It's best to export and work with a project in the same (or very close) release that created it.

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