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Lag when pressing ctrl-z

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Did anyone ever have any lag when pressing ctrl-z in video pad v8.91

Just experienced it for the second time tonight with only an medium cpu load, maybe 40%

I just could not undo a couple of cuts I made. Pressed ctrl-z maybe ten times. Nothing happened.

v.p. was still pretty responsive. I've seen worse.

-0-0- 10/24 3:01AM

With recent updates, using ctrl-z has become rather slow and unreliable. Anyone else noticed this?

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Can't suggest much if the issues cannot be replicated.

But do suggest sticking with a version that is working well.  There's no mandate to update.  Unregistered releases can be tested to see what's new.

IMO, 8.45 is a good bet, with few glitches that most folks would encounter.

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