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Why does it take so long to open a project

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On my pc it takes about 4 minutes to open a videopad project.

During that time I don't see a whole lot of cpu or disk usage. So why is this taking so long? I don't get it, what is  the bottleneck here?

After the project is open, CPU usage goes up and it takes about a minute before I can see my latest video clip at the bottom of the media bin.

This is so freaking slow, if you need to go though some save files and find out where things went wrong.


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About 300 video clips and 200 pictures in the media bin. The time line is at the moment little over 30 minutes long. And I just had to quit vp because it wasn't showing any thumbnails for my new clips. That's another 10 minutes gone :( And I'm doing this import for the second time tonight :(:(

At least the thumbnails are there after the restart :)

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I'm not using all those clips. Originally I was going to but after about 90 minutes the became really undoable. I will upgrade my storage and perhaps edit everything together at some point. I just finished my edit and doing a test export at this moment. I guess I could upgrade to the new version, because I need to clean out the cache anyway, since the c:\ is filling up .

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