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Large project takes forever to load. Can anything speed this up?

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Large project takes forever to load. Can anything speed this up?

I'm talking about hundred of video clips, like over 5 hours of video,etc...

I see from task manager that many hard drives are at 100% and computer almost comes to a complete freeze whenever I load the file. 

Is there anyway to get the software to save all these temp files I assuming it's busy creating instead of recreating them from scratch? 


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If a project has been cached, and the cache has not been cleared, it should load quickly. But five hours is a lot to ask of a 32-bit program (or perhaps even 64-bit).

It might go better if broken up into five hour-long exports or ten half-hours, which can be later merged.  Each export becomes a single, composited clip, so very little processing is needed, and each part may require fewer source files to create.   A thought...

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We're talking different things here.  There are several ways to add a project's files to an existing project.

What was suggested above is to simply break your very source-heavy effort into parts, export each, then import those exports (they're just clips) to create the final.

Say you made five exports.  Import them, merge them on the timeline, export again.  Might not save time in the long run, but it may lessen processing load and be less prone to export glitches.

Dealing at once with five-hours of content - especially if it's effect/transition heavy or the source files are HD - is a lot to ask.  This is likely related to your "generating preview" post.

But that is only my opinion.

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