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Animation versus clip duration when editing Animated Space Title


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I finally was able to synch an AI voice with the text scrolling up in an animated space title through sheer, dumb luck. So it is easier next time that I use the animated space title, in the edit section, what is the difference between animation duration and clip duration? I know that one determines how fast or slow the text scrolls upward while the other determines how long the clip lasts on a timeline so the entire scroll of text is seen. I just cannot determine which is which. Thank you!

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Let's say that the default image duration is set in Options/Media is 10 seconds. And let's say you want to add a Space Title which scrolls up into the distance and becomes small.  When you go into the Title edit screen you will see at the bottom that the default values for Animation duration and Clip duration have the Options default value of 10 seconds..


At this point when the sequence is played, the duration of the moving text lasts as long as the clip duration. (10 seconds)

if you now change the Animation duration to 5 seconds, the text will scroll into the distance in 5 seconds whilst the actual image clip (the text clip) will remain on the timeline for 10 seconds even though the animation has finished. The text will have scrolled at twice the original speed. (You could, of course have got the same result if you had changed BOTH durations to 5 seconds which, in some ways makes the use of different times somewhat redundant. However there may be some editing occasions when this might be useful. One should bear in mind that the animation is a separate function to the text.  Think of it as an image (the static text) to which you are adding an effect except being a "special" case NCH have combined them. Obviously if you make the Animation duration longer than the Clip duration then it truncates the animation when the clip finishes.



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