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AXON with SPA-3102

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I had to buy a SPA-3102 because the SPA-3000 is not EOL. Plus here in the Netherlands ABEL Telecom had bought every SPA-3000 available to start a VOIP telecom provider. And those SPA-3000 they are selling are now overprotected and can't be rest to factory default anymore.


So I had to buy a SPA-3102. I'm now trying to get this 3102 working with AXON. The FXS part is working, but I can't get the FXo part to work. I've been reading al the articles on this forum but it still doesn't work. 1 major thing I'm not understanding is how you get the old PSTN line available as external line. If you follow the rules, then with an FXO you must leave the proxy field empty. But then it want be available as dailing-rule in your rules. So I will never get the old outside line up and running.


What I've got to work is the incoming line now, but outgoing is still impossible.

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I got mine running after I realized that the documentation was not correct.

The Axom MUST call to the Sipura in the external lines config (where they say to leave it blank. Not right, must put IP of Sipura in there. I included the port number as well. Then told my Sipura to dial if not registered to yes.

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With me it doesn't make a difference if I put it to YES or NO in the section:

Make Call Without Reg: no

Ans Call Without Reg: no


But I have to add also the IP_address and the portnumber of the SPA. Only problem I'm still having, is that in the AXON monitor window, I'm getting every 11 minutes a message that the external line can't register. Not realy important, because everything is working, but it would be nice if you could suppress that message somehow. Anybody an idea?

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