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Closed Captioning

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Hi Thanks for taking my question.  I have a Zoom recording that has two out files.  One has embedded cc and the other without but has a separate vtt file.  I'm trying to get VPE to display the text for the embedded version and still adjust the text size and position.  Or,  I'd like to use the video version without cc but add the vtt file and make adjustments.  

Can you supply some insight as to where or not VPE can handle this and how I might proceed?

Regards,  PeterD

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Asking and helping ... that's the mission of the forum. ^_^

You have done everything correctly, but for the SHOW button.  Click it, on the toolbar, and captions should appear.

These will be open captions - subtitles - that are integrated into the video and cannot be turned off.

Closed captioning can be achieved by importing the VTT into a capable viewer, such as MPC-BE.

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Perhaps the file was not correctly generated.  If there are overlaps you will have to correct them manually.  VP plays only what it sees in that file.

If this is the nearly two-hour file that you recently linked it's already available here.  Upload the VTT file and someone will check it out.

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Borate,  I'm still having issues with CC.  Here is a link to the folder that has a 10 minute, low res clip. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/16ITYOoYZlDhBsH-byao2M5ozmmVy2K3W?usp=sharing    Here are the four files it contains and the issues I'm having.

1. The original zoom file and the vtt file.  When I loaded the mp4 and the vtt for the project and then went to the subtitles tab I tried to save the vtt file and it could only save it as an ssa file.

2.  I extracted the 10 minutes portion and had to note the beginning and end time stamp so that I could line up the cc text with the audio portion.  

3.  I did figure out the format edits but I could not get the overlapping to stop.  I was also trying to get the text to scroll from right to left.  Is that possible.  

4.  I noticed that when in the subtitles tab window that there is a Auto Generate tab.  Is this a better way to create cc by having VP to do it?

Thanks for your help.





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The caption file times are not correct for this ten-minute file.  For example, cap # 2 begins at ten minutes and ends later than an hour.  That likely explains the overlap.

And no, subtitles cannot be scrolled.  But text files can, should you choose to go that route.

VP's Speech to Text feature won't be useful for this.   To generate an SSA file from your content, explore this site, which as worked well on tests here. They may provide a free trial.

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Caps would have to begin at 00 and end at the last sentence.  Not worth fiddling with the exiting file, IMO.

The resource linked in the last post does a nice job.  Add it to your ten-minute video.

Click the Format tab and change the font size to 10pt.  APPLY.


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Got it thanks.  I figured out that the overlapping was due to me setting the red start at 0 minutes and the blue end at 10 minutes. 

If I get a VTT file from Zoom, can I load it into the subtitles and hit apply or should I first save the VTT file in the subtitles window as an SRT, then apply the SRT file and delete the VTT?

Thanks,  Peter

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