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Compress video to fit on DVD


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I am using the trial version. I am seeing the same issue. Has this been fixed, will it be. no matter what setting I set in Advanced, the same size file is produced. 

I am looking to replace Encore from Adobe, which can do this ( in the encoding stage). I also have 6 copies of Wavepad.

Fixed? still a problem? This is a deal killer for me. Many of the tapes that I capture are right at 2 hours, with Videopad settings, this creates too large of a file and needs to be compressed slightly. 

Yes, No?

ALSO - the DVD export window says that the estimated file size will be 1.6GB and the actual turns out to be 4.90GB.

Something is not right.

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Test with ISO images, so DVDs don't become coasters.

Check out this thread... https://nch.invisionzone.com/topic/23115-calculate-video-bitrate-automatically/

To pin this down please share an exported video file.  The MPEG4 compressor may reduce file size, as will lowering resolution.


Upload the file to a free server, get a public (shareable) link and post it here or to me in a Private Message.  If using Google Drive, change 'restricted' to 'anyone can view.'   Someone here will be glad to check it out.

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