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On my PC aacenc3.exe  is  found in the the Programs/NCHSoftware/Components  folder. Whether or not it runs from there in connection with Videopad I am not sure as it's an addon  for the NCH Golden Videos VHS-DVD software. (Which I have had installed in the past...(Use Dazzle hardware and the accompanying disc program now))

The components folder at (user name)/AppData/Roaming/NCH Software/Components does not seem to contain aacenc3.exe.

I think I would place it in the Programs/NCHSoftware/Components  folder and forget it.  It's OK here.



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The biggest problem here is VP going to the internet and downloading executables. I do not like these kind of practises!

Strange thing, exporting the project at a lower resolution using the same codec, worked just fine. It also used aac for audio :)

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