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Disabling ripple delete of blank gaps

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I need to add some clips to track 1 or 2 earlier in my project.

But when I use the white brackets to adjust the play time, VP sometimes screws me over because it moves the whole track when automatically adjoining the clips.

Basically it moves the whole track by deleting the blank space between the clips.

The amount of time wasted checking the effect of this behaviour further up on the time line is ridiculous.

Is there any way I can disable this behaviour? I rather move the clips myself instead of trusting vp to do the right thing

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When dragging a clip's left white handle to the right snaps back, instead of leaving a gap, hold down <alt> while dragging.

The clip can them be positioned within the newly increased space.  To avoid the following clip being affected, again hold down <alt>.

Even when installing the same version, there may be slight differences in how the VP interface performs.  In some VP builds <alt> isn't necessary.


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