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Error on initial download

Chuck L

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I get this error message

“Your financial institution returned an error on attempting to connect.
Contact your financial institution for more information.”

I did, they checked out my name, routing etc. and said all was good on their end to contact NCH

I sent them an email on Oct 1 or 2 I think and asked for a solution or my money back. I purchased it on 09/30/2020 I didn't hear back. I'm about to trash it and get something else.
It's hard to believe I couldn't paste a picture of the error message and had to type it out.


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If you already contacted support you might want to wait for them to reply, they will reply that is for sure. In the meantime, have you tried removing the information you have and disabling the option and then enabling and entering the information again to see if that helps? If not you might want to consider creating a backup of your information and reinstalling the program and entering everything again to see if that helps.



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