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Place on Sequence at Cursor

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I upgraded to the most recent videopad version. Since then I can't place an image into the timeline anymore so that it pushes everything else to the right. Instead it overwrites whatever is in the timeline.

When I inserted at the cursor in the previous version, it showed me the vertical white line with arrows pointing to the right.

How can I now insert a sequence at the cursor?

Thank you,



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Mecki said:  I upgraded to the most recent videopad version

That should be version 8.91 which is inserting normally here.  If placing the cursor at a split, be sure it's truly at the right place.  Use these buttons...


If still no joy try two things:   Clear Unused Cache Files, under OPTIONS | DISK tab.

Reinstall Videopad.

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Seems to work  OK here with VP 8.91

  • Move red cursor line to insert point
  • Select (right click) the clip in the clip bin
  • Select Place on Sequence/Place on Sequence at Cursor

The clip is inserted at the cursor and the timeline pushed along...






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