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C drive is filling up

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While working on the never ending project. (up to 90 minutes long now)

I just got warned by vp that the c: drive is filling up.

Only just over 1 GB free, and 97 GB vp cache!

That's a lot, considering the whole project is only 114 GB and I use maybe 75% of that.

Can I get lower resolution cache files?

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If you can put up with slightly  lower contrast and detail have you tried converting your raw files to a different format?

As an example ...

6 short MPG4 clips H264 1920 x 1080 took up 252 MB

I converted these to 6 identical sized MPEG2 clips at high quality setting which then occupied 81 MB.

The saving in space is considerable but it IS at the expense of definition although at normal resolutions you would be hard pressed to see the difference..... here is a slightly reduced full screen VLC image of both clips placed one above the other...


The lower half is the mpeg2 and the upper is the mpeg4

If one enlarges the difference becomes obvious....

Left is mpeg2 and Right is mpeg4


These are enlargements from a similar part of each format...

It's an idea possibly



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