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Set FPS and resolution.

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Hi, I´m a total newbie to this and my question might seem silly. But before I put my clips in my timeline I´m guessing that I need to set the frame rate & resolution? How do I do this? I can´t find the "Option button" that I read about after 1 hour on Google. I´ve managed to set the aspect ratio.

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The OPTIONS button is on the Home menu toolbar... or click the Menu icon (top-left), then TOOLS | OPTIONS.

You have noted A/R options via a right-click on a clip in the bin.  That's about it, but for preview window settings...  MATCH CONTENT, MATCH MONITOR and other choices that will drop down when clicking the chevron at the right of the Aspect Ratio box...

  image.png  There's no frame-rate adjustment, until export.

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