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I am having the same problem, unable to use Uplink with latest Skype for Windows. My SIP-phone works normally with anything else, can receive SIP-calls and call SIP-contacts like usual.


Whenever there's an incoming Skype-call, my SIP-phone starts to ring, but when I answer it, the call hangs up. Uplink tells this:


"Call answered"

"Call Failed: User may not be online or the number you dialed does not exist"


I am having this same problem, using Phone Gnome box and Uplink. I have tried various versions of Skype, and have tried Uplink 1.3 (as PhoneGnome is supplies 1.2) but all had the same problem.


I suspect this might be a Win2000 issue. I was able to get it to work on an XP machine, but I really need it to work on my 2K box. I went as far as doing a clean install of Win2K, and pulled out the sound card. But no avail. I get the same error as above in Uplink, and Skype says "Problem with Recording Device"


I world appreciate any assistance.


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