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SoundTap Will Not Record Microphone Input

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I have been a licensed user of SoundTap Audio Recorder for about two months or so without a problem until today. Previously, I recorded audio streams from Windows Media Player orĀ  YouTube or the like. Today, I want to record an audio stream from my computer's microphone. However, no matter what I try it will not work.

- Yes, I know to check the box to "Also record from microphone"

- Yes, under options I have selected the correct input device.

- Yes, I have tested my microphone to make sure it is working correctly. (In fact, I have tried more than one microphone.)

- Yes, I have closed SoundTap completely and restarted it several times.

- Yes, I have rebooted my computer twice.

I even downloaded the latest version of SoundTap, but even after updating to the latest version of SoundTap and rebooting my PC, recording from my microphone still will not work.

The end result is I still have the same problem but now I have a new version of SoundTap that says it is unlicensed!

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