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Over 10GB Exported File Size?

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Hi, I have a 45 minute movie filmed on an osmo action at 1080/30. When I export it as an MP4 it says in Videopad that the estimated file size will be 3GB but the actual size when exported is 12BG. I tried redoing the export in avi at 24FPM and it said the estimated file would be 1.1GB but the actual exported file size is 10.7GB. Can somebody tell me where I'm going wrong and ending up with such big file sizes?

Thanks :)

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Size estimates are notoriously inaccurate.   Several things to try...

The MPEG4 compressor, in lieu of the default H264, either as an mp4 or AVI.

Reduce export resolution size.

Reduce bitrate.  Click the blue Default Quality / Filesize link to see the options...


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