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Is fade really this non linear?

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Add fade effect at end of the still (or video) for say 1 second.  Now drag the scrubber slowly over the fade from left to right while watching just the preview window, and stop at the point where the image becomes completely black,  and you will find you have only traversed about half the way through the "fade" suggesting the fade is very non linear.

Try "dissolve" and you will see that's nice and linear from end to end.

Any way to correct this?

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The fade out of a final image or final clip should be a Cross Fade transition applied to the end of the timeline.  This transition reaches full black at the join between clips  i.e. at the end of the first clip when the next clip would normally fade in.  As there is no following clip/image on the timeline  the transition ends in black at the end of the final clip. Note that it will have the set duration.

You could of course, always use a transparency effect applied to a black blank clip place on the overlay track to achieve a similar thing but a Cross Fade transition is simpler. :)


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