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Keyframe Positioning

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I am using Videopad 8.84. I have added a position effect and set a keyframe, and am trying to reposition the keyframe. I found this link which says you can (http://help.nchsoftware.com/help/en/videopad/win/effects_animating.html) which says:

To move a keyframe, do one of the following:

  • Click on a keyframe and drag it. If multiple keyframes are selected, they will move together.
  • Move the current timeline position over the keyframe and adjust the value of the parameter using its check-box, slider, or numerical input control.

The first option is easy enough, but I would like to be able to type the actual time of the keyframe, to have more precision than dragging. The second option suggests you can, but when I move the timeline position over they keyframe nothing seems to come up for this. I wish I could add a screenshot? In either case, it would make sense if I could just right click the keyframe and set its time stamp that way. What am I missing?

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You can monitor the position of the keyframe initially as it coincides with the cursor position under the Clip Preview window. As you move the effects cursor line in the graph side you will see the Clip Preview cursor move in sympathy with it. The positional value of the cursor will appear below the clip preview... (here it is 0:00:03.945)


After setting the effect value (or moving the Position rectangle) keyframes for the values are automatically added.

Moving the effect cursor along you can reset the parameter when a new keyframe is generated.

NOW..You want to move one of the previous markers. As you know you can drag it to a new visual position on the graph but you can also enter a new precise time value into the box under the Clip preview pane. The cursor line will move to that position both in the graph and also in Clip Preview. You can now grab the keyframe marker (it will turn orange) and move it to the cursor line where it will jump to the red line. The parameter value can then be altered.

The Option 2 you mention is not for adjusting the Position horizontally of the keyframe marker it is for adjusting the value of the keyframe parameter, hence the mention of  adjust the value of the parameter using its check-box, slider, or numerical input control.  which I stated above. VP will set the cursor to the exact time position you enter but you have to adjust the marker manually vertically  or enter values.

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Thanks for the response. I'm glad I can control the time stamp with more precision than dragging, though your solution wasn't apparent from the GUI. It would be nice if the precision control was more apparent. As a future update, possibly right clicking on the keyframe could allow the time stamp to be set, or even clicking the keyframe could bring up a number input option on the GUI somewhere.


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