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Picture missing after export

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How long is the project?  What is the resolution of the bulk of the source files?

Have you tried an AVI export, using the MPEG4 compressor?

This needs to be seen by folks here.  Please upload the project, or a portion that contains the zoom.  Of course. Save Project File AS before doing any excising, giving it a unique # or name, so as not to overwrite prior saves.  Using Save Project Files (no AS) will overwrite.  Then you can restore a project to the state it was in when saved.  Just double-click the VPJ file (which isn't playable).

1.  With your project on the timeline, click on MENU at the top-left.  Click FILE|BACK UP PROJECT FILES TO FOLDER.  Choose a folder and SELECT FOLDER.
2.  Locate the saved, numbered folder and upload it to a free server - Google Drive, MS OneDrive, etc.*  (Don't upload the export file or only the VPJ.)
3.  Get a shared, public link. If using Google Drive click GET SHAREABLE LINK. Click the blue "Change to anyone with the link..."  Then click COPY LINK | DONE.
4.  Paste that link here, or click the folder, above top-right in this forum, and message it to me.  This is private and won't be shared.
*    Before uploading, right-click the folder, click PROPERTIES.  Look at the File Size to confirm that it's not too big for the free space on the server.

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Video is about 26:40 minutes long and mostly 1080p

I just did waited more than an hour for a x265 export and the picture is missing again. Damn.

I did re-apply the picture effect and I shifted the picture slightly on the time line before exporting.

But I guess I will have to do it yet again. sigh.

Edit: I just noticed there are other video items missing in the x265 export also :(

Edit2: In the x265 export everything, except some .png files at the start, is missing 😞

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Another day another videopad struggle. But I will try again.

Found another thing wrong with the H265 export. Two short simple text edits that were on track3; One is missing the other plays for the full length of the rest of the video.

I just restarted the computer deleted the full 90GB video pad cache, and after the cache re-generating is one I will try exporting again.

Does anyone have other ideas incas it goes videopad keep screwing up?

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So after a restart, and waiting almost 2 hour for VP to regenerate the cache, and then the CPU finally settling down, I exported the project again in 720p using the h264 codec. So far the result looks fine, the missing picture is back. Now I'm encoding the final 1080p H265 version but that will take a while. But I've already lost my upload window last night so that's fine. But issues like this makes you lose  faith in VP, and shows you how important quality control is.

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It's not so much quality control as it may be 32-bit app limitation.  A 64-bit version (no timeline) will considerably improve large file/resolution handling.

Most woes you have had seem related to unfamiliarity with VP.  Missing effects/clips hint at a memory issue, though that's rare for a 26:40 minute, 1080 project.  Folks here will check it if you take the time to upload and share per the above four-step process.

As suggested earlier, in lieu of H265, stick with H264 all the way, or try the MPEG4 compressor - perhaps under the AVI format.

Breaking a project into several parts, exporting each, then merging those composited clips for final export is an approach worthy of consideration.

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H265 is one of the most important reasons I needed a new video editor. Sure, it takes a lot longer to encode, but I will more than save that time when uploading over my slowish internet connection. b.t.w final 1080p export is still going :)


The H265 export was finished and I watched the result, and it seems fine. For for future exports I will include a cache wipe and a computer restart. To bad you can not postpone the background recoding of the cache files.

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